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My name is Lars, and way back in the early 1990s, I was an editor for a magazine called Texas Bicyclist. Ironically, it was a magazine published out of California. I was one of two or three people in Texas helping with the Texas specific content.

I’ve been a cyclist since around 1987, when I started racing road bikes while in college at Baylor. I did quite a bit of mountain biking for a while too. Cameron Park has some terrific trails.

I saw that the Texas Cyclist domain was available years ago, and I registered it. It took me almost a decade to get around to building the first web site, but here it is.

These days, I mostly ride my road bike, although I also do some cyclocross racing and successfully completed the Leadville 100 in 2012, earning my belt buckle. I live in Dallas, and ride several thousand miles per year. Mostly super early in the morning, at 6 a.m. before work.

If you represent a manufacturer and have a bicycling related product that you would like for me to review on my site, please contact me so that I can consider your request.

For expensive items, I am willing to send the product back after review.


Here’s how to contact me:

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