Review: Arundel Dual bicycle seat bag

Arundel Dual Bicycle Seat Bag review

I bought the Arundel Dual model bicycle seat bag in 2012 when I was looking for a bag that was just the right size to carry the essentials for the Leadville 100 race, without adding anything extra.

It’s just large enough for me to carry a really big 29er spare tube, a Park Tool tire boot, a glueless tube repair kit, three plastic tire tools, a 20 gram CO2 cartridge, an Innovations Air Chuck Elite CO2 inflator and a SRAM master chain link. (If I were using it on a road bike, I would be able to put two road tubes side by side in the same space as the big 29er tube.)

That’s a lot of stuff, but you can see that the bag is still compact and doesn’t take up a lot of space behind the seat. It has 27 cubic inches of space, according to the manufacturer.

I was drawn to this bag because of the really solid looking construction, and the size. I knew a guy who used the tiny Arundel Uno on his road bike and was impressed by how little space it took up under his seat and how nice the bag itself looked. So when I spotted the Dual version in my local bike shop, I bought it.

And speaking of solid construction, you can see that patch of leather on the top side of the bag, right in the perfect spot where it hits against the seatpost. Without that leather patch, you might eventually wear a hole in your bike bag from it moving back and forth as you ride. But that little spot of reinforcement makes the bag super tough just where it should be. It’s a great design detail.

Arundel bike bag rear view

The bag attaches to the seat with a thick, well made velcro strap that goes into a metal ring. Again, these are the details that make it a durable bag. The bag zips open in the longways center of the bag, and the zipper covers at least 50 percent of the bag so that you can open it really wide to get stuff out, or carefully load it the way you like it. When you zip up the zipper where the bag is closed, it ends up on the top side of the bag, just under the seat where it is protected from zipping back open on its own. The zipper has a long nylon-looking pull that is easy to grab with your fingers.

Although I am using this seatbag on my 29er, it would be just as suitable for a road bike or cyclocross bike or any other situation where you either want to carry two road tubes and some tools, or one big mountain bike sized tube and some tools.

I really like my Arundel Dual bike bag, and I recommend it for anyone who needs a “small side of medium” sized bag that will hold all your stuff and also hold up over time.

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