Review: ByeKyle Simple Bicycle Strap

Bye Kyle bike strap review

Sometimes you want to carry a little something extra on your bike. Maybe you have something that won’t easily fit on your bike bag and you don’t want to stuff it in your jersey pocket. Or maybe you just want to completely avoid a bike bag because you are aiming for minimal weight and complications.

I’ve seen people use electrical tape to attach an extra tube to their seatpost or frame. That’s a cheap solution that is fairly secure if you tape it well, but it’s a lot of work to get it taped right, and it’s hard to get the tape off when you really need the tube or whatever else you have strapped on.

The ByeKyle Simple Strap is designed specifically for attaching stuff to your seatpost or bike frame, and completely solves the electrical tape problem.

These are really cheap, at $5.95 each plus only a dollar or so to ship in the mail. I bought three of them, since I have multiple bikes.

I use mine sometimes with my canister of Big Air, which is hard to fit in a seat bag, and uncomfortable to keep in a jersey pocket. But I have also seen it used to strap a tube and tire tools underneath a seat, to a seatpost, or to the frame or even the handlebar stem of a bike.

It’s made out of a really solid piece of nylon with high quality velcro that grabs well. Even better, part of the nylon on the strap is rubberized somehow, which makes it super grippy. For example, plain nylon against that metal Big Air can might slip when you go over the rough stuff, but the rubbery stuff on the nylon holds things very tightly in place.

If you ever want to go lightweight and carry the bare minimum, this strap is the way to go. Or alternatively, if you like to carry a ton of stuff, it works well for that too. The ByeKyle strap is totally worth the small expense, and I recommend picking a few up.

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