Review: Zefal Wiiz side mount water bottle cage

zefal wiiz side mount water bottle cage

When I bought my 2012 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Carbon Comp 29er, I quickly discovered a limitation with the frame design when it came to carrying water bottles. The frame only holds one bottle, and it’s such a tight space that it was difficult to get the bottle out of my water bottle cage.

Fortunately for me, someone told me that there was something that I didn’t know existed — a water bottle cage that has a side entry and exit of the water bottle.

I did some searching around and found the Zefal Wiiz side mount water bottle for under $10! Zefal is a great brand, and the cage only weighed a reported 65 grams.

The cage is designed so that when you install it, you can flip it so that the bottle exits either on the left side or the right side. It’s easy to switch back and forth between sides if you change your mind. I’m right handed, so I went for a right side exit.

So how does it work? In a word, perfectly.

I’ve never ejected a bottle onto the trail with this cage, so I give it a very good rating on holding the bottle. It is also extremely easy to pull out with your hand when you are ready to take a drink.

If you are in a need of a water bottle cage with a side exit, I recommend this cage. Cheap, works great, and lightweight. It’s a winner.


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