Where to Mountain Bike in the Dallas Fort Worth area

Looking for a good place to ride a mountain bike in the DFW area?

It can be hard to find places to mountain bike near you. Even if you go ask someone at your local bike shop, you might only get a suggestion of one or two major mountain bike trails.

I did some searching around, and I found these four great resources for finding mountain biking trails in North Texas.

Texas Mountain Bike Trails has a terrific listing of DFW area trails, along with detailed information about many of the trails. Shawn has a terrific mountain biking blog in general, with a great YouTube channel, and Facebook page too, and don’t forget to sign up for his email list if you visit his site for good updates.

Mountainbiketx.com has a seriously comprehensive list of mountain biking trails in the DFW area and North Texas, but also the rest of the state of Texas.

Dallas Trails has a up to date listing of local trail conditions, so you can avoid showing up somewhere and finding out that it’s too muddy to ride.

And finally, don’t miss the DORBA (Dallas Off Road Bicycle Association) list of trails and active message board.

Did I miss any good lists of trails or awesome sites? Leave a comment and let me know!