Review: Halo II Sweat Band for Cycling

Halo 2 ii sweat band for cycling bicycling

If you do a lot of road cycling or mountain biking when the weather is warm, then you’ve probably run into the issue of sweat from your head and helmet running into your eyes or splattering the inside of your glasses or sunglasses.

I wear prescription glasses or prescription sunglasses, and I absolutely hate it when I drip sweat on the inside of the lens because I am looking down as I am pedaling. You can’t wipe off the sweat drops because they are on the inside! Even worse is when the sweat drips into your eyes and burns like crazy. If I am carrying a water bottle, I will try to squirt my face clean to stop the burning. But if I’m riding with an energy drink, I can’t.

I used to ride with a regular headband that I picked up somewhere. It was an old Camelbak band that tied in a knot in the back and said Hydrate or Die on it. It did a good job except when it was really hot or if a ride was longer, and then I would sweat through the band and get sweat in my eyes or on my glasses anyway.

The Halo II Sweat Band is one of the greatest inventions in cycling accessories, as far as I am concerned.

First of all, it is one size fits all up to 7 1/4″ hat size, so you don’t have to tie the back of it in a knot. You just put in on your head and it’s on. It’s made in the USA.

Next, it is made of a thicker fabric that they call Dryline, which does a great job of soaking up sweat. It’s not so thick that it bothers you or causes a problem wearing it under your helmet. But it’s thick enough to capture a pretty good amount of sweat.

The Dryline fabric is treated with this silver ion antimicrobial stuff that prevents it from stinking. I can tell you that it works. I usually just wash mine out under the sink with plain water after a ride and hang it to try, and only wash it in the washing machine once a month or so. But neither of mine have any kind of smell if you sniff them.

The headband is 2 inches wide in the front to capture a lot of sweat, but it tapers into a smaller strip in the back so that it isn’t a giant strap on the back of your head. It comes in many different colors.

I find it very comfortable, and have ridden with it for just under 12 hours straight during the Leadville 100 mountain bike race without any problems.

The absolute best feature of Halo sweatbands is that yellow band you see that is inside the sweatband. They call it a “patented SweatBlock Seal.” It’s a kind of plastic like material, but it is still comfortable against your forehead. What the band does is channel sweat down the side of your face or back of your head instead of letting it run into your eyes, when the headband gets completely soaked with sweat.

It works, and it works well.

If you’ve ever cursed the burning feeling of sweat in your eyes, you need this sweatband, and you should buy it. It is truly awesome. If you’d like to see a video demonstration, the manufacturer has one on YouTube that shows how it works.

One tip for keeping the headband for a long time is to never fold the sweatband so that it bends the plastic strip, because the plastic strip can break if you bend it back and forth a lot, ruining the headband.

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