Review: Ogio 8.0 Endurance duffle bag for cycling

Ogio 8.0 endurance cycling duffle bag review

I have used a Pearl Izumi nylon duffle bag for more than a decade to carry stuff to bike rides and races. I picked it up for free, and it was an okay bag. Nothing special. It did the job of carrying my stuff, and had a separate pocket for shoes. But I got some mud inside of it recently. When I tried to wash the bag to get it clean again, it ruined something inside the bag so that all my stuff would get covered with this sandy material that evidently something disintegrating inside the bag. I had to throw it out.

I already owned a second duffle bag from REI that I used mostly for weekend travel by car. It is a good bag that is well designed and sturdy, like most stuff from REI. So I initially thought I’d order a second REI bag that I could use for my cycling stuff. But they don’t make a bag like my bag anymore. They closest thing I could find was over $100, so I decided to look around to see what else was available first, and discovered the brand Ogio on Amazon.

They had a series of bags designed especially with cycling types of sports in mind, with a special place to put your helmet and everything.

So after looking at several different size options, I decided to buy the Ogio Endurance 8.0 version.

The first thing I noticed when I got it was that the color described as “Magenta” on Amazon looked pretty damn pink to me. I was on the fence about returning it, but decided that a few pink stripes wasn’t worth the hassle and expense of sending it back and reordering another color and kept it.

The bag was noticeably smaller than my large REI duffle bag, and smaller than the Pearl Izumi bag it replaced. Would it be big enough for me? I decided to get out my cycling stuff and pack it up to see. I packed enough stuff for a weekend of racing.

Two bike jerseys, three pair of shorts, helmet, shoes, a rain jacket, bike light, Chamois Buttr, two water bottles, a can of HEED sports drink, a bunch of gels and food, some CO2, my cycling glasses, and a couple of pair of gloves. And even a small Camelbak for good measure.

Now, it was time to pack it. Would it all fit? Take a look for yourself.

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Here are some of the features of the Endurance series bags from Ogio that I like.

  • The “handles” on the bag can either be carried like a regular duffle bag, or be worn like a backpack, which is kind of cool. The top of the bag has this stiff kind of material that keeps the top flat, but ventilated with air channels against your back.
  • The shoe compartment on one side is very big, so you can easily fit one pair of shoes, and possibly two.
  • The nutrition compartment has three zippered pouches and two spots with mesh netting so that you can put in all your gels and energy bars, but also your cell phone or whatever else you want to be able to access easily without going into the main bag compartment.
  • The “armored” compartment is surrounded by this stiff material so you can put your sunglasses in there and not worry about them getting crushed.
  • There is a flat compartment on the very bottom of the bag where you could store something like sweaty, dirty clothes or a wet towel and keep it away from the rest of your clean stuff. It is vented, so it won’t completely fester and mildew if you kept it there for a day until you got back home.
  • There is a pocket on the side where you can store a water bottle and keep it insulated and relatively cool. You can zip that pocket shut where it doesn’t stick out when you don’t have a bottle to store.
  • The construction quality of the bag is good, and the zippers look like they are going to hold up just fine over time.

Other than the accent color of this bag, I am very happy with it, and feel that I probably chose the best cycling equipment bag for my needs.

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