Mighty Click Wearable Bicycle Lock on Kickstarter

locked up no flash and keys

The Mighty Click Wearable Bike Lock is a new bicycle lock I am launching on Kickstarter.

It’s already surpassed its initial funding goal, and will be available in February to Kickstarter backers. I only have a limited amount of production time scheduled with my manufacturing partner for February availability. So the timing for full availability at retailers like Amazon will depend on whether or not I sell out the first scheduled run, or if I have locks left from the first run to sell.

At this rate, it looks like I am fairly likely to sell out my initial planned run.

The Mighty Click solves the biggest hassle of using a bike lock for me, which is taking the lock with me when I ride somewhere.

I ride nice bikes, and I don’t want to install any kind of an ugly, permanent, heavy mounting bracket. But I also hate the inconvenience of trying to carry a U lock, cable lock or chain lock in my hand while I am riding somewhere. I rarely carry a backpack when I am riding over to my local coffee shop, for example.

Check it out over at Kickstarter and see what you think!

The rewards I have set up on Kickstarter will allow you to buy the lock at a significant discount to the full retail price when the product launches, so it makes good sense to order one now instead of waiting. It might be several more months before I can get a second run completed and shipped in to my warehouse in Dallas.

Although the Mighty Click is my first cycling related product, it’s not the first product that I have had manufactured before. I’ve designed and manufactured a successful compost tumbler, and an entire line of high performance yoyos.



Mighty Click bike lock locked up.


The chain of the lock is 32 inches, so there is plenty of chain to loop around your bike and both wheels if you like to lock it up that way.

mighty click bike lock in use

The Mighty Click bicycle lock has a reflective strip on the back that lights up when car lights shine on it. That keeps you safer riding at dusk and dawn on the road.

Mighty Click bike lock with zippered pouch


The Mighty Click comes with a handy zippered pouch on the belt, which allows you to carry something small like your keys and some money.

Mighty Click BYOL no padlock version

There’s also a version of the Mighty Click with no lock, if you want to save some money and you already have a padlock that you like at home.

I’m very excited about the Mighty Click. I hope you like it too, and that you’ll back me on Kickstarter and get one for your bike!

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