Review: Road ID Wrist ID Elite Silicone Band

Road ID Elite silicone wrist band review


I bought the Road ID “Wrist ID Elite” silicone band not long after this model was introduced. Maybe 2011? In fact, the one I bought was so new to market that it had some kind of flaw in the catch mechanism, which led Road ID to send out a replacement mechanism for free, along with instructions on how to fix the band. I remember at the time that I was super impressed by how good the instructions were — they even included a really clear YouTube video to go with them. I swapped out my catch in just a few minutes, and the band has been working fine ever since.

If you’ve ever watched the Tour de France on television or flipped through a cycling magazine, you are probably familiar with Road ID. They have a cool backstory where the founder had been told by his dad to always carry ID when he ran and didn’t because of the inconvenience. Then he was almost run over by a car, and decided that he would figure out a way to make it easy to wear your identification instead of having to carry it around while you are exercising.

The company has a ton of different options now. They have IDs that attach to your wrist, your ankle, your shoe, as a dog tag, and even ID tags that attach to a collar for an actual dog.

The reason I went for the silicone band is because it won’t absorb sweat and won’t stink. I didn’t like the idea of the velcro band options, because I figured that it might start to smell after weeks or months of using it. I don’t know if it actually does or not, but that was why I went with silicone.

I keep my Road ID on a shelf next to my helmet, so that I always wear it whenever I ride. It doesn’t bother me when I ride, and I usually forget that it’s even there. It’s small and unobtrusive enough that it works just fine with long sleeved jerseys or with arm warmers, worn underneath.

I always carry my cell phone when I ride too, inside a plastic bag kind of thing that keeps it dry and protected. But if I were in an accident, my cell phone might get ruined, so I like the idea of a wrist band that has all of your emergency contact information and your name right there on it. I hope that I will never have to make use of my Road ID, but they have a giant testimonial page of people who have used their Road ID, which is kind of frightening to read.

I recommend the Road ID for any cyclist, or for any athlete who exercises out on the road. It is a great product that serves a very important purpose.

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  1. I have two of the Velcro ones, my husband has one of each. They don’t absorb smell, and we throw the Velcro ones in the wash with the workout clothes and they come out looking fresh and bright. We wear ours most of the day as well as when riding or at the gym.

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