Review: Specialized Arm Warmers

Specialized cycling arm warmers review


When you are riding in the morning and expect the weather to warm up, or if you are just riding in changing weather conditions, arm warmers are an important cycling wear item to own.

Most of my arm warmers are pretty old and made by Pearl Izumi. I bought these Specialized arm warmers in late 2011 or possibly early 2012, and have been using them very regularly ever since.

One of the most important aspects of an arm warmer is how well it fits your arms, and whether or not it will stay up and not roll down or slide down on its own while you are riding. I wear a medium, and I have the arms of a cyclist. (Think T-Rex.)

These fit me fine, and they do not slide around or move while you are riding. One big reason for that is the terrific silicone grips at the top of the arm warmer, which you can see in the photo where I have rolled one of the arm warmers inside out to show it.

Specialized arm warmers have a left and a right arm warmer, with a little label inside so you can see which is which. I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if it weren’t for the label, but I imagine that having two different arm warmers is also a reason why these stay on so well.

But what about warmth? These arm warmers are about the thickness of a typical arm or leg warmer, and not super thick like that Superroubaix kind of thermal fabric. They are just right for the type of temperatures that you would wear an arm warmer instead of a long sleeved jersey.

When it’s time for them to come off, they pull down pretty easily. If it isn’t windy, I can take them off while riding and put them into my back jersey pockets. You can also roll them down to your wrists and wear them like wristbands if you are starting to get hot, and not in a safe situation to take them completely off.

Silicon bands to hold shorts and jerseys and arm warmers and leg warmers in place have started to become very common on newer cycling apparel, because they are really comfortable and work well. So I usually end up wearing only these arm warmers and not my old Pearl Izumi arm warmers that don’t have any silicone, unless my Specialized arm warmers are in the wash.

As far as durability goes, these Specialized arm warmers have held up extremely well, and still seem as good as new after more than a year of owning them. The stitching and construction are both good.

I recommend these arm warmers.

At some point, I want to try out a pair of wool arm warmers since I am a fan of wool in general. But my Specialized arm warmers are so good that I can’t really justify spending the cash to buy a wool pair “just to see” if I like them as well.

Did I leave anything out? Do you have an opinion about these? Leave a comment and let me know.

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